Debbie A. Swanstrom

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P: 202.370.4127
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L: Washington, D.C.

Ms. Swanstrom’s transactional, regulatory and litigation skills enable her to serve clients cost-effectively throughout the course of an energy project – from inception of a creative idea for a project or transaction, during negotiations and the regulatory approval process, and in litigation, if necessary. She frequently represents clients on regulatory matters related to renewable generation, storage, and transmission projects, trading of energy and environmental attributes, transmission and interconnection services, rates, and reliability standards.

Ms. Swanstrom guides clients through the jurisdictional maze of federal and state regulation and advises them on strategies to achieve increased revenues or cost savings while minimizing regulatory burdens. She negotiates and advises clients on project development, fuel, power purchase and supply, generator interconnection, electric transmission and gas transportation contracts. Ms. Swanstrom also counsels clients on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulations, as well as the reliability standards developed by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and regional entities; conducts compliance training and internal investigations; represents clients in regulatory proceedings and investigations; and litigates before federal agencies, state commissions and courts.

Ms. Swanstrom is skilled in FERC’s policies and regulations regarding renewable energy, energy storage, open access transmission, the siting of new transmission facilities, transmission planning and cost allocation (including OATTs), generator interconnection, reliability standards, hydropower licensing, permitting and exemptions, standards of conduct, reciprocity and the provision of comparable service by governmental transmission providers, regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and independent system operators (ISOs), transmission revenue requirements (TRRs), rates of return, transmission rate incentives, demand response, asset acquisitions and divestitures, contract and tariff filings and complaints, anti-market manipulation rules and reporting requirements. Ms. Swanstrom also is skilled in CFTC’s policies and regulations regarding the trading of energy commodities and renewable energy credits and has advised numerous clients on compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act. She helps clients proactively shape regulatory policies, builds coalitions and advocates clients’ interests in rulemaking proceedings.

She also is an experienced administrative litigator, with more than 25 years of experience representing clients from diverse segments of the electric and natural gas industries, resulting in a well-rounded perspective of regulatory issues facing participants in those evolving markets. She has represented government and investor-owned electric utilities; generators; investors in generation and transmission projects; industrial electricity consumers; state commissions and local regulators; gas pipelines; local distribution companies; producers and marketers.

Areas of Focus 

  • Transmission
  • Renewable Energy/Electricity
  • Energy Storage
  • Reliability Compliance
  • FERC Tariffs and Ratemaking
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Commodity Trading
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Municipal Representation
  • Energy Regulatory and Enforcement: Electricity and Natural Gas
  • Hydroelectric

Representative Engagements

  • Advised electric utility clients on compliance with rules regarding transmission planning, open access transmission, energy storage and generator interconnection services, and reliability standards.

  • Performed compliance assessments to help electric utility clients successfully meet compliance deadlines under Dodd-Frank Act.

  • Provided compliance training on CFTC and FERC anti-market manipulation and standards of conduct rules to numerous clients to successfully prevent regulatory problems before they occur.

  • Won FERC appeal reversing NERC decision that applied reliability standards over broadlyto retail power marketer.*

  • Successfully drafted and implemented innovative reforms to transmission provider’s generation interconnection process to advance the development of renewable energy projects.

  • Successfully advocated interests of coalition of government and investor-owned utilities on transmission policy issues in major open access transmission and standards of conduct rule-making proceedings at FERC.*

  • Prepared cutting-edge transmission tariff provisions for open season process to upgrade major transmission line exporting renewable energy.*

  • Successfully negotiated multi-party interconnection agreement for large solar generating facility to be constructed in phases.*

  • Achieved FERC approval of sale of transmission assets, along with major power plant, for buyer without regulatory conditions or extensive market power analysis.*

  • Achieved FERC approval of ground-breaking open access transmission reciprocity tariff and standards of conduct filed voluntarily by non-jurisdictional electric utility at FERC.*

  • Successfully resolved, without litigation, complaint phoned into FERC Enforcement Hotline regarding transmission service priorities.*

  • Won litigation at FERC against power marketer seeking an electric contract termination payment from buyer in excess of $100 million and persuaded Administrative Law Judge to recommend disgorgement of $1.6 billion in unjust profits.*

  • Victorious in numerous discovery motions at FERC, including a request for sanctions against opponent.*

  • Achieved favorable ruling from FERC Administrative Law Judge recommending approximately $21 million refund for energy purchased by electric utility.*

  • Achieved favorable dismissal of unsupported allegations of electric market manipulation on behalf of electric utility.*

  • Successfully negotiated reduction in gas transportation rates, providing approximately $3.8 million in savings and obtained right to terminate contract early for purposes of switching suppliers.*

  • Successfully negotiated innovative electricity supply, lease and management agreements on behalf of corporation providing financing for construction of new co-generation facilities on college campus.*

  • Performed comprehensive analysis of application of antitrust laws to electric industry.*

  • Retained as expert witness in contract dispute involving gas imbalance penalties that settled successfully.*

  • Persuaded FERC to impose unique condition on merger of large gas and electric companies to protect competition from harm.*

  • Managed team of attorneys and professional consultants in victorious effort to obtain government funding for clean coal technology.*

    *Representative engagements performed prior to joining Jennings, Strouss & Salmon.

Articles, Publications and Presentations

  • Co-author, "New Court Decision Opens Door to Broader Assertion of Jurisdiction by FERC over Governmental Entities," Energy Law Times (2017)

  • Co-author, "FERC to Reform Interconnection Procedures for Large Generators," District Energy Magazine (2017)

  • Moderator, "Settlement Strategies for Energy Companies" EBA Energizer Seminar (2017)

  • Author, "Energy Companies Need to Ready Themselves for New CFTC Position Limits Regime," Energy Law Times (2016)

  • Co-Author, "The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Remands FERC Orders Addressing Participation by Non-Jurisdictional Utilities in the WestConnect Transmission Planning Region and Re-Opens Cost Allocation Issue," Energy Law Times (2016)

  • Auhtor, "New Federal Reserve Board Rule Demonstrates Why Electric Utilities Must Expand Their Monitoring and Compliance Programs Beyond FERC," Energy Law Times (2016)

  • Co-author, "Corporate Compliance Challenges by Industry: Regulated Energy (FERC & NERC)," Corporate Compliance Practice Guide (2009 - Present)

  • Co-author, “Grid Interconnection Rules for District Energy/CHP Systems,” District Energy Magazine (2016)

  • Author, "CFTC Revamps Its Swap Data Reporting Regulations," Energy Law Times (2015)

  • Presenter, "What Is the Basic Minimum Necessary to Keep Small Market Participants in Compliance with CFTC Requirements," ACI Energy Trading Compliance Conference (2015)

  • Author, “CFTC Plans To Lighten Regulatory Burdens on End-Users Trading Commodity Options,” Energy Law Times (2015)

  • Co-author, “FERC Accepts Pro Forma Agreement for Transmission Project Developers in the CAISO, Enabling New Opportunity to Join the CAISO Only as a Partial Participating Transmission Owner,” Energy Law Times (2014)

  • Presenter, "Compliance with CFTC Regulations: New Developments Important to Governmental Utilities" APPA Legal Seminar (2014)

  • Co-author, “FERC Approved First Pilot Project to Test the Fast-Track Licensing Process Provided in the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013,” Energy Law Times (2014)

  • Co-author, “FERC Requests Industry Input on Gas-Electric Coordination and Initiates a Paper Hearing on Electric Scheduling,” Energy Law Times (2014)

  • Co-author, "New Laws Promote Development of Small Hydropower Projects," ABA Energy and Natural Resources Litigation Committee Newsletter (2014)

  • Presenter, "Top Ten Things Every Governmental Utility Needs to Know About Compliance With CFTC Recordkeeping And Reporting Requirements, As Well As Trading With Swap Dealers," APPA Legal Seminar (2013)

  • Author, "CFTC Reporting Obligations Begin for End-Users Engaging in Energy Commodity Swaps," Energy Law Times (2013)

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  • Co-author, “New FERC/NERC Enforcement Trends and Compliance Tools,” Infocast Reliability Standards Webinar (2012)

  • Presenter, "New Developments Affecting FERC Transmission Siting and Condemnation Authority of Non-Utility Developers," Law Seminars International Conference on Electric Transmission in the West (2012)

  • Presenter, "Conflict Resolution Strategies in Solar Development," PV America West Conference, Solar Energy Industries Association and Solar Electric Power Association (2012)

  • Presenter, "Ten-Year Overview of Market Manipulation Proceedings: Where FERC Has Been and Where It's Headed Since the Western Energy Crisis of 2000-2001," National Electric Compliance Forum (2012)

  • Author, "FERC Offers Guidance on NERC Penalty Notices," Managing Power (2011)

  • Presenter, "Reliability Compliance and Enforcement: New Directions in Reliability Standards Development and Enforcement," University of Idaho 58th Annual Utility Executive Course, 1st Annual Utility Executive Summit (2011)

  • Author, "FERC Conducts Historic Inquiry into Disruptions of Electric and Natural Gas Service," Enforcement Insights Newsletter (2011)

  • Author, "FERC Provides Guidance on How it Will Act on NERC Penalty Notices in the Future," Enforcement Insights Newsletter (2011)

  • Author, "FERC's Office of Enforcement Clarifies AFUDC Policy," Enforcement Insights Newsletter (2011)

  • Author, "President Obama's Directives to Federal Agencies Are Expected to Alter Compliance Obligations and Enforcement Risks," Enforcement Insights Newsletter (2011)

  • Author, "FERC Staff Issues No-Action Letter on Asset Management Activities," Enforcement Insights Newsletter (2011)

  • Presenter, "Industry Trends and Regulatory Reforms Affecting the Interconnection of Renewable Generation Projects to the Transmission Grid," American Public Power Association Legal Seminar (2010)

  • Co-author, "Incorporating Smart Grid Projects into Your Municipal Electric Utility System," Colorado Municipalities Magazine (2010)

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  • Author, "Congress Turns its Attention to Electric Restructuring Legislation," Connection Newsletter of Electrical Women's Roundtable (1999)

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  • Presenter, "Securitization of Stranded Costs in the Electric Industry: Lessons to be Learned from the PECO Proceeding," Energy Daily 2nd Annual Finance Forum (1997)

  • Author, "Congress Wraps Up with Two More Electric Competition Bills," Connection Newsletter of Electrical Women's Roundtable (1996)

  • Author, "FERC Issues Final Rule on Open Access Electric Transmission Service," Women's Council on Energy and the Environment Newsletter (1996)

  • Co-author, "Legal Issues in Forming a Municipal System," American Public Power Association (1993)

  • Co-author, "Basic Principles and Structure of Natural Gas Pipeline Rate Proceedings," Natural Resources & Environment (1992)

Honors and Recognition

  • AV® PreeminentTM Peer Review Rated*
    *AV® Preeminent TM and BV® DistinguishedTM are certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies.

  • Listed, Washington DC and Baltimore Top Rated Lawyer in the category of Energy and Natural Resources, Legal Leaders (2015)

  • Listed,Washington DC Super Lawyers (2008, 2013-2016) in the categories of Energy and Natural Resources, Utilities, Administrative Law

  • Listed, One of the Top Women Lawyers in the Northeast in the category of Energy and Utility Law, Arrive (July/August 2011)

  • Outstanding Member at Large Award, Women's International Network of Utility Professionals (2005)

Professional Affiliations

  • Energy Bar Association
    Electricity Committee, Member, (2015-2016)
    Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, Member, (2016 - present)
    Renewable Energy Committee, Member, (2010-2015)
    Compliance and Enforcement Committee, Member, (2011-2013)
    Electric Utility Regulation and Finance & Transactions Committees, Member, (2003-2005)
    Natural Gas Regulation Committee, Chair, (2002-2003)
  • Chair, Women in Power® Forum (2004-2012)
  • Chair, Legislative Issues Committee of Women's International Network of Utility Professionals
  • Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (1992-2005)
  • Member, Environment, Energy and Resources Section (1989-2005)

Admitted to Practice

  • District of Columbia, 1989
  • Maryland, 1988, Inactive

Court Admission

  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit


  • J.D., George Washington University, 1988
    with honors
  • B.A., St. Cloud State University, 1985
    with highest honors