Scott Rhodes will be presenting from 8:30 am - 9:25 am and will be covering the following topics:

Discipline: Process and Results

Who Gets Disciplined for What?

Avoiding Discipline: 20 Tips

Communicate Promptly and Professionally
Have a Firm Communication Policy and Stick to It
Websites and Emails
Confidentiality - Remind Staff
Nonengagement and Closure Letters
Specify the Scope of the Representation and Explain the Process
Laypeople Do Not Understand Diligence in Legal Matters: Explain It
If You're Overwhelmed, Do Something About It; Ignorance Is Not Bliss
Know the Rules on Fees: Contingent Fees in General
Splitting Fees With Other Lawyers Requires Special Agreements
Fee Agreements in General - Use Them and Abide by Their Terms
Trust Account Management - Read the Rule!
More Trust Account Tips
Don't Lie to Courts or Anyone Else
Don't Sue Clients - Either for You or Another Client
Have Joint Clients Signed Informed Consents
Do Not Dabble in Practice Areas Outside of Your Expertise
Have a Conflict Checking System That Everyone Uses - All the Time
Have at Least One Backup to Your Calendar/tickler System
Have Integrity Throughout Life - Not Just in Court

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