Bruce May, Chair of the Real Estate Group at Jennings Strouss will be on a panel to discuss "The Hot Condo Market: How can you beat the heat?

He will address condominium law similarities and differences among states and cities. What do you need to know? What should you watch out for?

This session will focus on the growth of condominium developments in nearly every major city - and how you can better work with the developers, attorneys and con-dominium associations to ensure their connection to your systems.

Two panels of experts, including Bruce May, will make short presentations and open it up for questions and answers. The first will address overall condominium law and the developer's viewpoints and contractual obligations related to a specific condominium project in Phoenix that opted for district cooling.

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More about the IDEA Workshops:

Distribution and marketing professionals mark your calendars! Don't miss your forum workshop this fall in Scottsdale, Arizona! IDEA is offering two separate but simultaneous distribution and marketing workshops Nov. 2-4, 2005.

At the marketing workshop you will discuss strategy, messages, methods and opportunities to win the confidence of your key customers. We're using ideas from the annual conference forum meetings to determine presentations and panel topics.

At the distribution workshop, discussions will focus on the challenges of building and maintaining safe, reliable thermal piping networks - steam, hot water, chilled water. What works... what doesn't...what's new?