When someone utters that dreaded "Bankruptcy" word, many people cringe and immediately conjure up images of debtors' prisons, insolvency, and in the wake of the recent Enron and WorldCom scandals, fraud and deceit. But, bankruptcy is really not such a horrific phenomenon from either the debtor or creditor perspective. Filing a bankruptcy does not necessarily mean an entity is in terminal financial
distress. Instead, bankruptcy can be an extremely useful business tool for a company to accomplish a beneficial sale of assets, obtain new financing or achieve a capital restructure. Creditors and potential
investors or purchasers can benefit from these aspects of bankruptcy just as much as the entity that files. Even in dire situations where a company is financially troubled, with knowledge and planning the debtor and its creditors can often salvage a decent outcome for all those concerned. But, there are traps for the unwary. These are the reasons why you really need to know something about the "B" word.

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